Fashion Is My Passion' ; ))

,name is Kevinn && currently 16 in thee 11th && ilovee Fashion & idress different from everyone else , ilikee tuu stand out !




Alright Tumblr! Let’s do this right this time! These are my original Disney themed cocktails! All drinks were made up, and I did not copy any existing material. Expect a part 2 in the near future! Please feel free to check out & support my Bartending Facebook page at Cocktails by Cody. Thanks! Now let’s get drunk off our childhood! (I do not own Disney’s trademarked characters, blah blah blah don’t sue me please…..)

I want the last three in my face right now


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Lydia in “The Other Woman


Beyoncé’s emotional speech to fans during the last show of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour: [x]

Love her so much. Ugly cry and all! ❤

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, classic

, classic